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The Voice of the River Needs your 15 second video clips for a crowd-sourced documentary collage

         no experience necessary

Anyone with a phone camera can enter!

(Artists, photographers, filmmakers also welcome)

Topic: the Fraser River

Shoot one or more 15 second film on your device (no large files!)

E-mail it to us  with your NAME and LOCATION

Include one sentence ‘I love the river because…’

We will add your films to a multi media art and environment installation, in celebration of the Fraser River


World Rivers Day eve, Saturday September 23rd 2017 at Britannia Heritage Shipyards, 5180 Westwater Drive, Richmond, BC, V7E 6P3, in South Richmond…..easily accessible by bus. Dusk till 10:00 pm…. 

E-mail entries to:

Why this project?

Artists Glen Andersen and Marina Szijarto realized through  talking to local councillors and concerned Richmond and Delta residents that at this  point in time the Fraser River is under threat from industrialization, toxic pollutants, deep dredging and a massive bridge project that will open the river up to LNG tankers, jet fuel etc, which in turn will lead to the decimation of the fish (especially Salmon), wildlife, plants and riverside communities all the way from the mouth of the river up to the headwaters – so they decided to create this community and collective ‘ love letter to the Fraser River’.

Honouring and respecting the natural environment is nothing new – All around the planet, for thousands of years, Rivers have been considered sacred,  inspiring many seasonal rituals and celebrations honouring the river as a force of nature and a divine being that was to be respected.

Show us what you love about the River, why its worth saving and what you want to see left as a legacy for future generations…send in your 15 second films or a sentence or two and join the ‘river swell’ of community who love and respect the river.

E-mail entries to:



World Rivers Day eve, Saturday September 23rd 2017 at Britannia Heritage Shipyards, 5180 Westwater Drive, Richmond, BC, V7E 6P3, in South Richmond…..easily accessible by bus. Dusk till 10:00 pm…. 

Check out the photos from our past events

 Thank you to Sid Akselrod for the photos and to David Akselrod for the music

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 Voice of the River says no to the industrialization of the Fraser and the many threats the river is under.

Top Ten Reasons to



  1. Public Resources – Wasting $3.5 billion of taxpayer money to build an unnecessary, over-sized bridge is a gross misuse of public funds. This project has a potential for high cost overruns, as it is built over deep unstable sediments.


  1. Legally Flawed Process – This BC Environmental Assessment Process fails to include the need for a federal Review Panel Environmental Assessment due to the size of the Bridge Proposal, removal of the tunnel, the potential for significant adverse environmental effects, the Species at Risk Act, Aboriginal interests and concerns expressed by the public.


  1. Failure to Consider Alternatives – Lip service is paid to public meetings. No credible rationale is provided for the option of a massive Bridge. Only one group benefits: Port Metro Vancouver. Options of upgrading the existing tunnel, twinning the tunnel, a smaller bridge, or status quo with restrictions on truck hours have not been fairly considered.


  1. Lack of Transparency – Complete information of scoping and valued components with applicable laws and regulations have not been provided to the public.


  1. Failure to Recognize the Ecological Significance of the Fraser River delta – Several designations recognize the ecological importance of this Canadian Heritage River which supports the most productive salmon fishery in the world. A declared RAMSAR site as wetlands of international significance, the delta supports Canada’s highest density of wintering waterfowl and migrating shorebirds of the Pacific Flyway. It is also Canada’s top site for wintering birds of prey.


  1. Importance of Farmland – Destroying a prime agricultural corridor to build this bridge – plus the land consumed by the resulting sprawl – places British Columbia’s long-term food supply at risk. The farmland also supports several species of wildlife that rely on the interdependent, interactive habitats of the river, ditches, waterways, farmland and Burns Bog.


  1. Climate Change – Building new freeways when droughts, floods and extreme weather already wreak havoc on BC communities is highly irresponsible. Adding just one mile of new highway lane increases carbon emissions by 100,000 tonnes over 50 years.1 The bridge proposal feeds a continuing dependence on fossil fuels and is at odds with Canada’s international commitment to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.2


  1. No Traffic Rationale – Commuter traffic volumes through the current Massey Tunnel have not increased over the last decade, and could be pushed even lower with improved transit.3

This Project will just push the traffic bottleneck up the highway to the Oak Street Bridge and onto Richmond streets. It is one of the reasons the City of Richmond voted to oppose the expansion. Research and experience confirms you can’t build your way out of congestion.


  1. Industrialization of the Fraser River – Removing the Massey Tunnel opens the Fraser up to deeper dredging for larger ships like tankers carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG), coal and tarsands bitumen. The cumulative impacts are damaging to fish habitat and natural systems. The focus of shipping should remain in Vancouver`s Burrard Inlet, a natural deep water port.4


  1. Better Transit Alternatives – In 2008 the provincial government promised a ‘RapidBus BC’ service to White Rock which would have eliminated any need for a new bridge. Unfortunately, despite new bus lanes being built we are still waiting for the buses to show and transit service through the Massey Tunnel has actually been cut.5 A ten lane highway expands vehicle usage and hinders the switch to electrified mass transit.









More info:

Facebook: Save-The-Fraser  

Here are the Top Ten reasons  to Stop the Massey Bridge translated into Traditional Chinese



  1. 公共資源 - 建造這座不必須,過份巨大的橋梁將浪費納稅人35億加幣,這是對公眾資源的濫用。不僅如此,因為是建在不穩固沈積物上的原因,整個建設費很有可能超支。


  1. 法律上漏洞百出的程序 - 所謂的省政府環境評估文件中並沒有包括讓聯邦政府環境審核專門小組的審查需求,略掉了完全廢除隧道的動議,對環境的危害也未提及,更沒有遵守瀕危動物保護法,原住民利益,以及公眾對修建大橋的擔憂和疑問。


  1. 忽略對其他可能的考慮 - 省政府只是口頭表態徵求公眾意見,但從未對為何要修建如此巨大昂貴的橋梁提出任何可信的合理解釋。事實上,真正受益的只有一個群體:大溫哥華港口局。公眾提出的升級隧道設施,擴建隧道,建造小一些的橋梁,或者通過控制卡車行駛時間來維持現狀的辦法都未被考慮。


  1. 缺乏透明度的決策過程 - 所涉及相關法律規定的領域和有效條款的完整信息並沒有讓公眾知曉。


  1. 對菲莎河谷自然生態環境意義的忽視 - 菲莎河是加拿大的國家自然遺產,菲莎河谷的生態重要性已經得到權威機構的廣泛承認:它是世界上三文魚產量最高的地方,是拉母塞國際濕地公約中意義重大的受保護的濕地。三角洲還是加拿大冬季水禽和太平洋海岸遷徙候鳥密度最大的地方,也是加拿大冬季鸷鸟首屈一指的聚集處。


  1. 農地的重要性 – 為了建立橋樑而破壞一級農地將會嚴重威脅卑詩省長期的食物來源。這塊地同時也是河流、渠道、農地及 Burns Bog 沼澤地等獨特環境的交集點,更是許多野生生物所賴以為生的特殊自然生態。


  1. 氣候變化 – 在乾旱,洪水,及極端氣候現象嚴重摧殘卑詩省各地的今下建立新橋樑是極不負責的行為。僅僅添加一公里的高速公路就意味著在未來五十年中將添加十萬噸的二氧化碳。此番橋樑建設計畫將持續鼓動人們對石油的依賴,並與加拿大在國際間宣布要把全球暖化控制在5℃ 內的承諾背道而馳。


  1. 無交通邏輯 – 現有的 Massey 大橋的通勤流量在過去十年中並無增長,透過大眾運輸的改善甚至可以減低。這項工程只會迫使交通瓶頸往 Oak 橋方向移動並波及列治文的街道。這正是列治文市政府投票反對橋樑擴充計畫的原因。研究報告與經驗在在證明了交通堵塞是無法以建設解決的問題。


  1. 菲莎河的工業化 – 拆遷 Massey 隧道將使菲莎河面臨深度挖掘的危機 以便負載液化天然氣,煤炭,及瀝青沙等貨物的大型船隻通行。綜合的影響將會損害當地的魚生態及自然系統。海洋運輸應當繼續集中於本為天然深水港口溫哥華的 Burrard 水灣。


  1. 更佳的交通選擇 – 省政府在2008年承諾開啟一班通白石鎮的 ‘BC特快巴士’。若這班巴士確實實現,就不會有新橋樑的需求。遺憾的是 雖然新的公車道完工了,巴士並未出現,而通過 Massey 隧道的公車班次反則減少了。 一條十排車道的高速公路會提高汽車使用率並阻礙電動化大眾運輸的普及化。







One thought on “The Fraser river is the life blood of BC, connecting the ocean to the heart of the province.

  1. YES! the voice of the river is strong, it unifies so many people, so many issues, so many critters, and I am so grateful to have suddenly discovered more people who want to fight for it. or fight for whatever aspect of it fires up their hearts and minds. For so many reasons, the ten-lane bridge does not belong. The riverbed cannot be dredged deeper. And the Lower Fraser River cannot be sacrificed to industry and fossil fuel export.

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